I-Nex is a software development and systems support company, based in Australia.

We have solutions for specific markets, such as our arts infrastructure system ArtFuel.

I-Nex also develops websites, apps, middleware, and custom bespoke solutions for many markets including large membership associations, manufacturing change control and automotive intranet solutions, health and work safety systems for mananging work permits in high risk settings, and research and user interaction tools for large data gathering and analysis.

Founded in 1996, the I-Nex team is based in Adelaide, and we service clients all over Australia, and overseas in Europe and Asia.

The benefits of working with I-Nex products and services include:

  • Tailored to specific business requirements and processes.
  • Increased functionality and efficiency.
  • Competitive edge through unique features.
  • Better integration with existing systems.
  • Flexibility and scalability for future changes and growth.
  • Dedicated support and maintenance.

Services & Solutions

  • Solutions
  • Festival Management Solutions
  • Ticketing, Box office & POS
  • Awards Systems
  • Elections
  • Association Management and CRM
  • Engineering Change Control
  • Consulting
  • Data analysis & integration
  • Information architecture
  • Systems & project review
  • Scope development
  • Rescue my project
  • Interface of humans and systems
  • Build
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Business processes
  • Research & survey tools
  • Mobile, Desktop & Web
  • Analytics


Mark de Raad
Founder & Head Thinker

Adrian Bennett
Thinker & Designer

Ruth Conry
Project Control

Yogeshwar Chauhan
Implementer & Builder

Adam Gray
Implementer & Builder

Mark Wallman
Support & Planning

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Level 1, 431 King William St, Adelaide, SA 5000
(08) 8236 7456

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